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Copolymer line questions

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Copolymer line questions
New member here, have been away from fishing for a few yrs and just getting back into it. I fish mostly local rivers and lakes in WV, for bass, cat, carp, walleye.

Does anyone know how long copolymer line has existed? Most of the line "buyer's guides" do not even mention it, but from what I did read, it looks like good stuff to me.

One article that I read talked about some modern lines being abrasive to the guides of vintage rods. I think it was talking about superline, but I wanted to make sure that copolymer is not abrasive. I just put some 10 lb. P-Line Voltage on one of my old Mitchell 300 reels that I'm going to use on my vintage Garcia Conolon rod.

Some other lines that I intend to try out on my spare spools are Silverthread Excalibur, PLine Fluoroclear, and Izorline Platinum. If you've tried these and have an opinion on them, please post.

Josh P

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Re: [00BlueDyna] Copolymer line questions In reply to
I buy nothing but Pline for my copolymer. Haven't had one problem with it for the past three years.

Fishemen will change the future! Your NC. moderator and sometime CT.

Be Green-Buy Fur

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Re: [00BlueDyna] Copolymer line questions In reply to
Good question, I did some digging and learned a bit about the history of fishing line but couldn't pin point when copolymer line was first introduced?

I second that on PLine, great line!!


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Mike H
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