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Everglades Non-Native Fish Round Up

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Everglades Non-Native Fish Round Up
Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Everglades ecosystem is home to at least 22 nonnative freshwater fish species. These non-native fish may be causing detrimental changes to our native fish communities, particularly as the number of new species continues to increase. All but two of these fish were introduced illegally as the result of releases of unwanted pets and food fish, or due to the flooding of aquaculture ponds.

The Everglades CISMA is hosting the Everglades Non-native Fish Round Up to raise public awareness about the potential negative impacts of releasing non-native fish into Florida waters, and to encourage anglers to target these nonnative species for consumption. The Round Up will also gather data into non-native fish distribution and abundance that can assist in their management.

The Round Up will be a one day event open to all anglers (shore or boat) fishing in the Everglades area. CASH PRIZES will be awarded for largest fish, largest aggregate catch (weight), and will include a junior division. We also will award a “Slam” prize to the angler that catches the greatest number of non-native species.

For registration and full event rules visit:
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Re: [FishRoundUp] Everglades Non-Native Fish Round Up In reply to
thanks for sharing this with us.

Have you attended one of these events in the past? If so can you tell us a little more about what goes on during the event.

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Re: [davetclown] Everglades Non-Native Fish Round Up In reply to
Yes, it is a great event. In the previous years there was only one location, but this year it has expanded to three to accommodate more areas of south Florida. There are three different ways to win, the one with the most fish, the largest fish, and the most diverse species of fish. The prizes include cash, a plaque, and other great items provided by sponsors. Not only is it a fun day of catching, but the environment is also benefiting by getting rid of these invasive species.

you can register at

hope this helps!
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Re: [davetclown] Everglades Non-Native Fish Round Up In reply to
Last year I went but didn't sign up cause I found out its like 50.00
Still I went out there and fished with the other Anglers.I'll make a video of all the people out there,its really neat!whatever invasives we catch will be posted. I know where there's some really big Jags,and Oscars in the 2lb range!
I'll try to get out there and make a videoFishin'

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