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Field Testing the "BANKING PIER ROD"...

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Field Testing the "BANKING PIER ROD" First Prototype - Trout Perch Pickerel - NO REEL

LINK TO ROD VIDEO ABOVE! Field Testing the "BANKING PIER ROD" First Prototype - Trout Perch Pickerel - NO REEL. Between work and fishing I worked on a busted blank I received with a bunch of fishing junk. I wanted a rod for short fishing zones from my feet to 40 feet. The fishing rod would have to be sensitive enough for fair play with small fish such as trout, perch and bluegill yet composite enough to handle bigger bass, pickerel and even striper. Yes, striped bass but well get to them at a later date. This is actually a two part video. The first part I venture to some easy fishing water for several nice trout including a beautiful brook trout. The second part I venture on a bigger lake hoping to lock into some largemouth bass but manage a few beautiful yellow perch and another wondrous pickerel was happy to take my bunny fly instead.

In between the bits we talk about the "Banking" or "Pier Banking Rod." The rod is still in the making and I may be even using a different blank in the future but so far I like this one. It is my first prototype. I believe it should handle even big striped bass but I may have to up the blank more filed testing will determine. As for the rod it came from a 5/6 busted blank. In which I trimmed to 5.5 feet and dropped a handle on. Really simple how I like things like that. The reel, well there is no reel. Line is on a spool and placed either in my "Royal" pouch or simply in my pocket. I found 2 lines a longer 7 and shorter 9 weight line worked well for both application. The guides may be shifted around and primarily the stripper guide is of concern. I may drop a upper cork grip for leverage on larger game fish. I like this rod. We are going to be using it again for another application and same in the future so keep an eye out! I am happy to share my experiences with all those around the world and hope you enjoyed the video as much as we did making it.