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Making a pond better

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Making a pond better
Finally getting settled down here in the new place and the neighbor has a small pond that he said I can do whatever I want with Fishin'

Started fishing it a few weeks ago and am trying to sort out what we can do to improve the habitat. The pond is about an acre (give or take) in size and has large mouth and blue gill in it for sure. The largest bass we've seen or caught is about 12 inches or so. Lots of little guys under 5 inches, but we haven't been able to find anything 'big'. But we have seen several pairs swimming together getting ready for spawn, so that is cool.

My guess is that the pond is overpopulated for the food that's available. Mud bottom with some 'structure' tossed in (big tree branches). the edges are grass and moss covered, but after a foot or two it goes to clear/muddy water.

I'm considering some fish food to help them out, but I don't want to start a cycle where I have to keep feeding them all the time. But the biggest question is how do I determine if the pond is simply over populated or not. I'd hate to start taking fish out to find that there really are only a handful in there doing the best they can.

Here are a couple pictures of fish and pond

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Re: [Feydakin] Making a pond better In reply to
Congrats,you got your own pond!.I'd cut down some of them dead trees and lay a bunch across that end of the pond,this would make for good cover and this should help bring more feed on its own.I'd keep the branches overhanging on each end of that one side of the pond.I'd make a thick canopy of trees over an area.SmileP.S How about a review over my frog.I never landed a single fish with this frog until I added a single hook,same with my buddy.LOl Alfred said

Paul whatever you did to your frog,do it to mine.
He is catching fish now,and just painted one I gave him,he loves his frog now!.He added some black spots to it and some red underneath.I find the yellow frog works best,plus their hard to come by,usually sold out

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