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New Peacock Bass Location Surpasses All Expectations!

ESPN’S Big Fish Hunter, Larry Dahlberg proclaims it. “the best trophy fishing value in the western hemisphere.”

When searching for a really great fishing hole I always consider these aspects:
1) Is the watershed big enough, and of the right fertility to support true giants?
2) Is the water protected from the ravages of commercial harvest?
3) Is the area being pounded by other anglers?
4) Are adequate boats available?
5) Will I have to re-mortgage the house in order to pay for the trip?

I get lots of offers from locations all over the world to come and The Hunt for Big Fish. Sometimes the location lives up to its’ claims, but that’s usually the exception to the rules.
Last month I explored the Xeriuiny River (pronounced cher ni ni) in Brazil we were literally blown away by what we found.
140 miles plus of virgin river with over 100 adjacent oxbows and lagoons, some several thousand acres in size, flooded by clean tea-colored water of the perfect ph to grow monster peacock bass. More spawning habitat than anywhere I have ever seen. And, amazingly, no other anglers either commercial or sportfishing related anywhere to be seen!

The new camp, built by partners Wellington Melo and _Ronaldo Gumiero_ has brand new boats and motors and is situated dead center in this virtually unexplored Fishing Garden of Eden.

Despite being faced with water flooding four to five feet vertically into the jungle, conditions that render most fisheries impossible, we caught boatloads of fish; including a half a dozen over 18 pounds and two monsters over twenty! They smashed topwater lures, they crunched minnowbaits, and destroyed every fly I brought along.

But the best part is the absurdly modest price tag. Despite other comparable locations who are charging from $3500 to $4000 per week to fish what is in my opinion is less potent water, Wellington and Ronaldo are offering an introductory package of ONLY $2500 PER WEEK. All inclusive except air transport from the US. In my view that makes it the best trophy fishing adventure value in our hemisphere.

If you’re an experienced Peacock hunter or an adventure-seeking angler who’s been waiting for the right opportunity, you won’t find a better venue for world record potential fish at a value that’s over a thousand dollars a week better than comparable alternatives.

If this place is that good, why are you telling every one? That’s a good question. First off, the area is large enough to take substantial sportfishing pressure with no effect. Second, Wellington and Ronaldo have promised all trophy fish will be released. Third, we’re already locked in for a second trip in February, only sixty days after our first visit. And fourth, we want to make sure these guys get enough business in their first year to succeed which will guarantee they’ll be there next year when we plan to return for the third time!

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