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need to keep track of reel parts? here'...

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need to keep track of reel parts? here's a tip
Other than removing and sharpening the blades on my lawn tractor, I've found that the less parts needed to fix anything is a lot easier to fix than a unit that has over 15 parts. Fishing reels can be daunting especially when they don't come with a parts diagram.

Some of the cheaper Gander Mountain spinning reels don't come with a parts diagram. When I called the company, I was told none is available, but if I wanted my reel fixed under the one year warranty I would have to pay shipping. Nonsense! So I took it apart to see why the handle was not smooth turning.

Oh Boy! Without a diagram with detailed pictures, I had no idea how to put it back together or which screws went where. Good thing I had a duplicate reel and decided to take it apart - photographing each lure part location and order step by step.

After an hour or so, I found the problem in one of the gears, fixed it and referred to the photos on my camera to reassemble both reels. Worked like a charm! Here are some of the shots that made life easier and kept my reliance on my poor memory to a minimum:

screws that hold the bearing cover in place

The pictures show me where different parts go (went) before I disassembled the reel and the order to be reassembled. Even screws should be put in the proper holes and single parts, like the spring in the above picture that popped out on the floor (pointed to by the Phillips screw driver) and was correctly put back together. The reel now works like charm!
The more parts, the greater the necessity for pictures even when a diagram is included that may be vague as far a which parts goes where. In fact, a diagram to another more expensive Gander Mountain reel I own was all wrong, giving wrong names to the wrong parts! Printed diagrams just don't cut it at times!

Zebco, on the other hand (unlike the by-phone, useless customer service at Gander), was fantastic! The woman sent me a diagram via email and knew her stuff when it came to resolving the symptom of a rough retrieve. (A few bearings popped out when I dropped the reel and should have stayed in place.) I told her the reel was under warranty and even without me faxing proof of purchase, she sent me a bearing part she predicted I would eventually need if the bearing popped out again. What service! Minn Kota in Canada is no different !!

One last tip: immediately put part groups in their own zip lock bags. The same screws should be included with the part they fixed in place; washers, gears, bearings that are a part of one part sequence; line spool washers, etc.
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