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Dogs in Heat

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Dogs in Heat
well I just learnt a new one this week.

last weekend michigan had an early season on antlerless deer.

I went out to my spot and sat there for a week, not a single deer moved though the area, not even at night.

so today I find my neighbor and buddy whos property I was hunting on is having bad relations because the neighbors coon hound got polinated before they could get it mated up with another licensed hound.

the neighbor is accusing my bud for letting his rotwhiler loose.

so what dose this have to do with deer hunting one might wonder,

Well its like this, when a dog is in heat in the area that wolves and cyotes live, they will congrigate near by and fight for the propigation rights and howl all night long.

I remembered at night the cyotes were howling and schreeching all night. and not just one, it sounded like 50 of them... I mean it felt like I was in the middle of the wheir wolf movie "The Howling"

so this leaves two points one must concider when hunting,

1. if a dog is in heat near by when you are hunting, you may as well forget about seeing any deer if there is even one cyote in the area. that cyote wil be pacing around untill the heat cycle is over. "which is a week or two.

2. if you are the owner of a dog in heat in the area where cyotes are around, keep your k-9 lady locked in a pen that has chain link on all six sides... cyotes will dig under and even climb over fences to do the wild thing.

If the Lord's willing, You'll be Blessed.
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Re: [davetclown] Dogs in Heat In reply to
In some Western states, yote hunters use a bitch in heat as a decoy to bring the yotes in. It is a VERY effective way to decoy them. Does not surprise me that it spoils the deer hunting.
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Re: [Therapist] Dogs in Heat In reply to
I never once had givin that a thought, as a method or that a dog in heat would have caused so much comotion untill this past week when my super prime deer staging area was all of a suddon void of deer,

I could see all the tracks from weeks prior, I mean my cross way for deer is like the Freeways in LA. I mean litteraly they trip over each other trying to cross under my blind.

on the up side, it didnt seem to affect the turkies, I saw hundreds of those during my week hunt, to bad the season for them arent for another few weeks. I guess the turks sleepin in the tree tops sleep pretty good, One about knocked me out of my blind jumping up to roost on my light night... Laugh

Thanks for the Yote tip....
This is one old dog that has just lernt a new trick, I should have thought about it today when I was back over there, I could have gotten me some cotton swabs and went and visited the neighbors dog, But I could imagin the harried eyeball looks I would have gotten from them. TongueSly

If the Lord's willing, You'll be Blessed.
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