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1,800 miles of roads In El Dorado...

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1,800 miles of roads In El Dorado National Forest are being closed to vehicles!!
1,800 miles of roads In El Dorado National Forest are being closed to vehicles!!

Most people are unaware of what is happening within the El Dorado National Forest.

Under the Route Designation Program, the forest service is proposing to close over 1,800 miles of mostly dirt roads to any motorized vehicle traffic. This includes street legal vehicles as well as motorcycles and ATVs. If you have ever driven off of the pavement in El Dorado National, most likely one of the roads you have been on is going to be closed. There are approximately 3,200 miles of forest system roads, with the map the Forest Service is proposing, we will lose 1,800 miles of those.

We only have only 45 days after July 20th to argue in writing to keep some of these trails.


So what can you do?

First, get as informed on what is happening as you can. Go to the El Dorado National Forest website and look at “Route Designation Project”

The Forest Service has selected Alternative D as their “preferred” map of El Dorado National Forest.

Second, send an email to and ask to be put on their email list and they will advise you of upcoming phone meetings and town meetings that will have information on what is going on.

You MUST make comments on specific roads that you feel should remain open and why. Compare alternative A vs. alternative D which is the map the Forest Service wants to adopt. There will only be a 45 day comment period, after that there is nothing you can do.

Fourth, get as many people involved as you can, don’t sit back and let this happen without a fight. Attend the Forest service meetings that are being held. PLEASE do not just leave this fight up to groups such as FOTR, EVERYONE needs to give their input.

These closures will be for good. Once the forest service closes a road during the route designation project, it will NEVER be re-opened. The only people that will have any say are ones that responded during the 45 day public comment period. This will not only effect our sport, but hunters, campers, ATV and MX enthusiasts and anyone else that visits a National Forest.

If you have no interest in this information please pass it on to someone who may be.

Please do not litter.

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