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1978 Can Am motor bike

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1978 Can Am motor bike
I have just recently bought a vintage 1978 Can am 125 motorcycle,only thing is when i got the bike the engine came in a box completely ripped apart.Yep the gear box and transmission lays lifeless in the bottom of the cardboard box sad very sad.
So now i have the joy of trying put it all back together Unsure
So if anyone has any links to shop manuals or gear box diagrams for rotax engines. please email me or leave a message. Basically im restoreing it for my lil cousin for his 16 birthday so hopefully i can get it done before then.
So any ideas or help would be greatly welcomed
Thank you
heres my email

Take care and keep the tackle box free from minnows.:)
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Re: [Profishing] 1978 Can Am motor bike In reply to
I was wondering how the ride was comming, any luck with the prints or putting the puzzle back to gether...

I dont mind taking them apart and putting them back to gether as much as I hate finding every thing just piled in a box.

When I take them apart almost any one can put my stuff back toghether. every thing is all grooped and set cronologicly in a line....

If the Lord's willing, You'll be Blessed.

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