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Introduction to Dirtbiking

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Introduction to Dirtbiking
Hi guys, I chanced upon this forum via Google search.

There is a newly opened adventure centre located at Pengerang, Malaysia. The journey is 45 mins bumboat ride from Changi Point Ferry Terminal in Singapore. They offer outdoor activities such as dirtbiking, pitbiking, wakeboarding and ATV rides. =)

Training is provided for dirtbiking and wakeboarding activities. For wakeboarding, you only have to pay for the time spent on riding. Travelling time from the park to the riding spot is not counted. Riders only pay for the actual riding time.

Come join in the fun and see ya guys there~~

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Re: [jadieyu] Introduction to Dirtbiking In reply to
Hi Elyn,
welcome to bft.

what riding level are you at?
are you racing or doing pleasure riding?

I gave up dirt bikes a while back, every time I got on one it wanted to climb a tree... so now I stick to 4 wheels.. Angelic

I did come in third place in a moto cross once, I was a late unofficial entry and was chased off the corse at the end of the race by some unhappy on lookers... I dont think it was the late entry that upset them as much as it was the 67 pannel waggon I accidentaly entered the race with, the eight guys in the back wern't to pleased with me either, they were drowning in their own beer..

so much for my glory daze...

hope to hear more about your adventures in the sport.

If the Lord's willing, You'll be Blessed.

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