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Need help choosing an ATV

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Need help choosing an ATV
I looking to buy an ATV next year and I want to soak up all of the info I can before I buy one. I'll have about $3000 to spend and I want something I can use for hunting and getting to remote places. I need to know if I should buy an older used machine or something newer. I need to know which brands are the best and How much power I can get for my $. Any suggestions at all would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Hookjaw
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Re: [HookJaw_Brimhall] Need help choosing an ATV In reply to
3 thou will buy you half of a new one. unless you are looking as smaller units. (Kiddy size)

if you can muster an extra two or dont mind payments you can pick up a nice camo articat from gander mountain or cabelas.

this one is mine, (still making payments)

it was 5 something almost 6 before the snow plow and bracket to hold the plow and finance charges. they come seperate.

the 1 ton wench was included with the package. You have to have the wench, it is one handy tool, especialy if you are going in to the outback. with a wench you can always get your self unstuck. Plus it is the berries for hanging deer in a tree. I love having the controll button to raise and lower the deer as I am cutting it up.

mine is an articat 400. I have enjoyed using it from the first day I brought it home. I plowed snow that afternoon, the next day I went to an ice fishing party and the day after I fished out a buddies ATV after he went though the ice the night of the party.

Even if you decide to get a smaller unit get the wench to go on it. and pick up a 10 foot lenth of 2 ton chain and a trailer hitch. this way you can rap the chain around a tree incase you have to pull some one else from the muck and mire

Stay away from the racing units, they are built for speed so the transmitions are different than the one I have. My unit is designed to pull farm equipment behind it. "disk, plow, mower, seeder"

3 thou should get you a used one in good shape.

just remember that the body is plastic/fiberglass. so running over brush is out of the question.

I built a 1/3rd yard tralor to pull behind my unit so I can pack all the camping gear one could posibly want for a long trip in to the wild.

mine top end speed is 35 mph, my buddies unit a honda one size smaller, 350, has a smaller body and will fit in to smaller places mine wont.

You will need to weigh your options to the conditions you plan on encountering, and ones that you dont plan on but might run in to.

If the Lord's willing, You'll be Blessed.
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Re: [HookJaw_Brimhall] Need help choosing an ATV In reply to
I believe in Honda all the way. I have two right now. The Polaris are American made and have worked out well for me at the cabin. I have some 330 trailbosses and might be a bit small if you want to tow something. They work well and are way nicer of a ride than a sport quad on the trail. I also think bombardier and Can-Am make excellent bikes. I believe Kawi's are cheap. This is only my two cents.

When you go to buy it try to buy it used from some one who maintained it. You can also look under a bike and tell how hard it was riden. There can be lots of good deals out there in these times. Original rear tires can mean it doesn't have alot of hours. When thinking about buying a bike google the year and modle and see what others have to say about it.

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