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Some "REAL" Offroading!

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Some "REAL" Offroading!
Im new to the site and happened to see this topic. Well, it just happens to be that I am part of a real off road race team. We race races such as the baja 1000, Baja 500, Primm, Laughlin, and so on. Hears a pic (hope it shows up) of one of the best off road trucks in the world. Literally! Hope you guys like it. You cant imagine how awesome it is to be in this thing. Nothing like it in the world. Not a roller coaster or drug that even comes close to the rush you get from being in this.
image/jpeg Todd.jpg (257 KB)
image/jpeg ttpic4.jpg (27.5 KB)
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Re: [dsimages] Some "REAL" Offroading! In reply to
great photos,

I havent ever officialy been a race, but we used to do this in my area before the land all became developed..

with out a doubt, it is a riot.

kewl looking truck you have there as well. that looks like it could handle some mud bogs.. Cool

thanks for the share, hope to hear more about your races, past and future...

If the Lord's willing, You'll be Blessed.
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Re: [davetclown] Some "REAL" Offroading! In reply to
Glad you like the pics. The truck isnt that great as a Mud Bogger. Its not designed for that. These type of race trucks are 2 wheel drive. It could handle the mud, because it has 900 HP and 40 inch tires, but it is actually made to go thru "Whoops" that are 5 feet tall at about 100 mph. You dont really need 4WD. There are some areas of silt that could swallow up vehicles, but just keep your foot in the pedal and the HP will get you thru.

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