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Utah Quad to the resque

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Utah Quad to the resque
boy scout missing in wilderness for five days with no food or water, was found by a man crusing on his quad ATV.
the boy saw two men on horse back who happened to be searching for him ducked and hid. but when he saw the quad he stepped right out to be found....

"no mention of what he was driving" makes me wonder? What machein impressed him enuff to step out and be found? if you had to be saved what would you want to be saved by? would you pass up a horse back ride too?

Quad Power!!!!!!Cool

If the Lord's willing, You'll be Blessed.
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Re: [davetclown] Utah Quad to the resque In reply to
Hi Dave! Being in Utah I followed this story fairly closely. He was actually lost for nearly 4 days, and the weird thing was he was following his parents instructions not to talk to strangers!!!!Shocked If that isn't weird enough, when he saw the dude on the ATV, he didn't hide again because the guy was wearing a helmet and he said it looked like a Power Ranger, so he didn't hide again! Shocked I think the kid must not be all there to rationalize something like that! He hadn't eaten or drank anything the entire time he was lost, and the guy gave him some food and water, and the kid asked to see his cell phone-- NO not to call his parents, but to play video games on it!!!! Go figure...TongueCrazy

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Re: [cat_man] Utah Quad to the resque In reply to
I saw that report too on the late side... makes me wonder if the boy didnt run away in the first place insted of getting lost...

If the Lord's willing, You'll be Blessed.

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