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What's the best?

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What's the best?
OK, I got into a disagreement with a friend of mine, and I thought that I would post this question here. Besides the Interco TSL Bogger, what do you think is the best mud tire on the market? I exempted the Bogger because it is uncontestably the best Mud tire that has ever been created. There isn't a finer tire for use in Mud.

My opinion was that the Super Swamper SSR's are the next best thing. These are the tires i've personally owned and used in the past:

SSR's, Boggers, Thornbergs, BFG MT's, Ground Hawgs (1st version only), and Mud Kings

Sure there are plenty more out there to choose from, but most mock the BFG mud terrains, which are OK at best in sloppy mud. For the money, the mud kings are good, but not so good in the mud. Thornbergs Sucked buttocks in the mud, as they packed full pretty quick and the next thing that happens is dragging a winch cable through to another truck or tree. Ground Hawgs did good.

What do you guys think?

Bryan Draper

Your Saltwater and South Carolina Moderator

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