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the ultamate off roader

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the ultamate off roader
I was watching the boobtube today in between naps when I saw the ultamate off roader.

he is a ledgeond in his own mind, and one of the biggest fools of all times. I have to admit I was suprized to see him still alive and kicking.

dont get me wrong, this guy set some outstanding records, some of which will never be borken. for that matter no one should ever try to break them. not unless you have a death wish.

the older guys here already know who I am talking about, the younger guys may heard stories about the man who attempted to jump the Snake River Canyon.

for those who still havent a clue, the guy tried to jump the canyon on a motorcycle. a one mile jump! no one had ever made a half mile jump, or a quarter mile jump, even a sistenth mile jump. and this fool goes for a one mile jump. yes he had a parishoot but that did not keep him from breaking numerous bone in the attempt.

at the time the money was good, a mill or two. pre paid. he figgered he wouldnt make it and wanted to see the money in his hands at least once before he went over the deap end.

he then attepmted to make the jump on a motor cycle that was equiped with a jet engine, the type used in missles. needless to say with a couple foil fins motor cycles just are not airodynamic at all.

for all you guys who havent figured out who it is or are not old enough, the worlds famous stunt driver mans name is Evil Kanevil.

and what was he doing on tv today? he was advertising for a roofing company, nope not from the back of a hog. he is now in his 70's I beleive. late sixties at least. I would have expected him to have fallen fate to complications. I am in total amazement to see him still kick starting....

I heard his son got in to stunt riding for a while, but havent heard any thing about him in quite some time now, he would be in his mid 40's by now.

If the Lord's willing, You'll be Blessed.
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Re: [davetclown] the ultamate off roader In reply to
your right there dave evil is a living ledgend, he did so much and he did it on a heavy harley davidson. He has broken every bone in his body, it is amazing that he isnt all althritised up and can still move.

His son robbie was into stunt riding also and was really good at it, but i too havnt seen him for a while now


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