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Hiking Tips

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Hiking Tips
I am really not that sure whether this topic will be appropriate on this forum or not, but am still giving it a try. I am planning to take my dog for a hike 2-months from now and I am wondering whether a Garmin Astro will be a great investment as I know for a fact how playful my Alaskan Malamute is. I am planning to invest on the said product so that it will be easier for me to track his location. This will not be the first time that I am bringing him along. Last year, I and my friends had a hard time looking for him and I donít want to experience the same scenario all over again
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Re: [xandreamckenzie] Hiking Tips In reply to
The topic is as good here as anywhere but the mod on this board will move it, if he feels another board would be better. We normally put post like this, where they don't fall into the topic of the board, on the Not Necessarily Fishing board, it's a catch all board.
To answer your question, this sound like a good produce for what you are looking for.
Of course there is always a possibility that your dog could get the device snagged on a bush and pull it off but it still better than doing nothing. I'd say go for it. Lets us know how it works out.

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Re: [xandreamckenzie] Hiking Tips In reply to
Excellent post! Improving fitness by hiking and living in the great outdoors while gaining experience is excellent preparedness and thinking of what can go wrong to address it with a good choice of equipment is certainly preparedness thinking, so it's discussion that is certainly appropriate, welcome and appreciated here.

I just looked at the Garmin Astro manual:

With a very brief overview my impression is: Wow, it does a lot!

But, my immediate focus and concern was battery life. On page 11 of the manual, I see it can range from 16 to 40 hours for the dog collar device depending upon the model and use settings and variables. I also looked at range which can be miles though variable with the nature of the terrain.

Not having any experience with it, but having experience with my choice of locator device, I point out some significant contrasts between two very dissimilar products.

I have a SPOT Trace.

Though it won't have the dynamic interaction and all the fancy features to show you where your dog is relative to you at any given moment and the fancy bark feature, depending upon if those features are desirable to you, I think they are most useful to hunters using dogs to facilitate them in their hunt regarding where the game is that the dog is tracking.

All of those additional features are nice, if they have value to you though they do come at a much greater price and significantly reducing battery life which might be contrary to your use of preparedness to find your dog should he get lost.

In sharp contrast, your dog will be near you most of the time and come when you call and you will not be focused on a device while enjoying the outdoors on your extended hiking. I suspect you further wouldn't appreciate the hassle of carrying and setting up a solar pannel for frequent recharging of batteries and should the battery life lapse while your dog is lost, you no longer would get a signal.

There are many other significant differences. The battery life on my Spot Trace can be up to 18 months! It communicates GPS location directly with a satelite network and puts the precice location on their website up to every five minutes. Though a dog can move significantly in five minutes, it will never be out of range practically everywhere on Earth.

But, there is a major short coming. Your device to see the website might not have connectivity being in wilderness away from population density and cellular service. The low cost yet troublesome methoud might be to go to where you can get cellular service or utilize methouds like gaining altitude and a directional antenna to reach a cell site, get the GPS coordinates and then go there and call your dog.

I've explored a high cost communication alternative solution to cellular for alternative preparedness advantages that is getting more enticing as prices are rapidly dropping for service for satelite telephones. It would also give my tablet full internet conectivity practically anywhere in the world even in disaster times when cellular service is disrupted. Not long ago, service cost dollars per minute. But, now unlimited service is coming into a range of acceptable price. That combined with no longer having a need to keep track of minutes means the high service subscription cost can be mitigated or even become profitable by renting it to others who need to be in contact while out of cellular range.

When I go out into wilderness, my SPOT Trace reports to the website my exact location every five minutes. If my off road vehicle is stolen, it is displayed on that map wherever it is in the world.

I have another in preparedness storage that will send me an email upon the door being opened and the precice location of it hidden inside a valuable should it be stolen to give a judge in that jurisdiction a precice location and identity to issue a search warrent for law enforcement to retreive stolen property and make arrests.

My location (or lost or stolen items or a dog, child or loved one) can be seen on the website by anyone who has my password for a friend to watchout for me or if given to law enforcement or rescuers (SPOT has other products with greater advantages for rescue which even includes signaling and insurance at a slightly higher cost).

Further, I can have it set up to send that friend an email that it has been turned off and again when turned back on. Though that's not specifically a message, it could be agreed upon that it has a specific meaning such as trouble and needing assistance.

Depending upon if your dog gets lost many times a day or if that is just a rare occurrence or a remote possibility for which you still want to be prepared yet with less hassle and cost, then the SPOT Trace might be a good option. I have experience with them and they work very well.

I like it's forget about it nature of being there if ever needed.

Ronald :)

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Re: [xandreamckenzie] Hiking Tips In reply to
I tried Dynotag Web/GPS Enabled QR Code Smart Pet Tag one time. It's waterproof and no batteries needed, overall, it was great and we had so much fun!