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Ever Thought of VBULLITEN?

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Ever Thought of VBULLITEN?
The car forum I belong to just switched over to the forum host VBULLITEN and I'll be honest as a new member I was a bit hesitant to join because of all the ads and stuff. I joined because the name kept coming up on google searchs for for fishing forums.I don't know who is in charge of it but you might want to look into VBULLITEN as the host, ana maybe getting a few FISHING RELATED sponsors to cover cost. Maybe its just a car forum thing, but IMO it looks much cleaner and organized. I'm not dissing the site, I look forward to becoming and active member but I just thought you might wanna look into it.

If you want and example of VBULLITEN my normal car forum is right here.
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Re: [Cameron23] Ever Thought of VBULLITEN? In reply to
Hello Cameron,
Thank you for the feedback, we have considered it in the past many times and it is a great forum for sure. That being said we have some challenges with how many things are intigrated into this forum and the fact that this does do so well in search results.

We do have some upgrades coming to this forum this year and if you have any suggestions of things you like about vbullitien that we could do here just let us know (although the list is long of things we have slated to do, we still consider all new upgrade requests).


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Mike H
BFT Staff