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Member’s Handbook

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Member’s Handbook

Member’s Handbook

Member Responcibilities…

  1. Be polite and cordual to all other members
  2. Respect the rules of posting on the boards
  3. Respect the sponcers of this site (problems with sponcers can be worked out constructively)

Making Post on the boards Rules

1 Post and privet messages will be free of racial & abusive coments

2 Picture post will be free of nudity and kept below a maximum size of 400 pixels in width

3 links will not lead to dangerous/harmful sites or pornigrafic sites

Our Sponsor

So before we begin with this exercise,

We first need to understand where our positions lie.

First and foremost, we are sort of an extension of the sponsors of this site. With this in mind let us take a look at their position.

Ssor reminded me yesterday that our sponsors not only pay for us to have this play ground they give us great prizes on top of that. (Now tell me where you can go play and get perks to boot lol)

  • Q - How do our sponsors pay for this site?

A - They do it in the form of advertisement.

  • Q – What are the perks provided to us by these advertisements?

A – First – they pay for the forum that allows us to openly have a conversation and speak out minds about fishing political situations that encroach upon our rights to hunt and fish.

Second – they provide us with prizes from time to time for playing nice and drawing in potential costumers that read our commentary who are agreeable then sign on as members and then support our sponsors by purchasing their products.

  • Q – What do they ask from us in turn for their advertisement dollars?

A - They ask to show and provide links of their advisements.

They ask us to provide a pleasant, informative, and fun place that will draw folks back where they will be welcome and again see their products and links.

They ask us as Administrators, Moderators and members to hold up a high standard of ethics and integrity. (With this exorcize we will gain the diligence that will enable us to sustain our ambitions to maintain our hunting and fishing rights that are coming more in question by those with other values than our own.


Various contest have different rules and different eligibilities regulations.

The rules and eligibilities may vary to cover a wider span of membership to satisfy our sponsor’s needs.

Main rulings are;

1) Every member is eligible (moderators may not be eligible for certain contest)

2) You must be a registered member

3) You must be logged in at the time of such entry

4) Limitations to eligibility resides on when was last time you won said contest (check contest rules)

5) Dave T. Clown is ineligible to win any contest to maintain objectivity.


Why are my post edited or am I receiving notes to edit my post?

1. Any time when there is objectionable content on a post like foul language or pic’s not rated “PG”

2. Blank post will be removed when come across

3. Edit pics to size of boards without moderators. (I will provide pic in a pic post when I do)

4. When ever asked by any member to help with their post

5. When a moderator ask him to cover their board for reasons of absence

6. Removal of any unsolicited advertisement after given a notice to move it to the add or classified board

7. you won a prize and the administration wants every one to know about your success

8. At no other time

Comonly Asked Questions

1. How do I. Being technical in nature

  • Q - I lost my password or someone else did, how do I retrieve it?

A – steps to retrieving your password

1. Go to the membership log in page

2. Look for this link “Forgot your password?
Retrieve it here!” and click on the link.

3. Simply enter your email address that you used and we will send you your password:

If you don't have an account, please register.

  • Q - How do I delete a post?

A - Guest may not delete any post

Members may delete their own post only if no one has posted a reply to it.

1) Click on Delete on the upper right hand corner of your post

2) Scroll down and click on remove post


  • Q - Why are some users having problems with certain browsers, which browsers have problems and which don't?

  • Q - How do I use the advanced editor?

  • Q - How do I subscribe and unsubscribe to specific boards?

  • Q - How do I make a cool signature file?

  • Q - How do stop some one from sending me hate or harmfull privet messages with out blocking of other members from sending me privet messages

A - Do not delete the message and contact an administrator.

  • Q - there are so many post on a string and some one made a reply to an earlier post and I dont know what the reply is in refference to.

A - if you look at the post in question you will see a [In reply to] , if you press on that button it will take you directly back to the post it is in refference to.

  • Q - How come it says Greenhorn next to my name?

A - The titles/icons next to your name is just a fun way of recogonizing how long different users have been with these boards, actually how many times they have posted.

For those of you wondering how long it will say "Greenhorn" next to your username here is a breakdown of how the number of posts reflect the title/icon next to your username.

0 => Greenhorn
5 => Bait
25 => Shiner
50 => Brookie
100 => WeakFish
200 => Perch
300 => Rainbow Trout
400 => Calico Bass
500 => Walleye
750 => Barracuda
1000 => Large Mouth Bass
1250 => White Sea Bass
1500 => Alaskan Salmon
1750 => Striper Bass
2000 => Chain Pickeral
2500 => Yellowtail
3000 => Northern Pike
3500 => Dorado
4000 => Sturgeon
4500 => Tuna
5000 => Channel Catfish
5500 => Swordfish
6000 => Aligator Gar
7000 => Marlin
8000 => Sturgeon
10000 => Shark
10000 + => Is still in the works and were talking about having great prizes for users (and moderators) who reach this.

this is not compleat yet so bare with us we will be working to provide you with all the information you need.

if there is any other problems that I have not brought up please post you questions here and we will be sure to edit it in to the hand book

If the Lord's willing, You'll be Blessed.
(This post was edited by davetclown on Jan 22, 2003, 10:36 PM)
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Re: [davetclown] Member’s Handbook In reply to
Is this the winning football? Cool
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Re: [reeldreams] Member’s Handbook In reply to
congradulations you have found the winning football

can you tell us how you found the winning ball?

If the Lord's willing, You'll be Blessed.
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Re: [davetclown] Member’s Handbook In reply to
  I found the winning football by reading your last post under contest & winners for the $25 e-gift certificate . It said everything you need to find the winning football is on this string so I started looking for something to click and I just happened to point at the buckeneers ball and I saw the hand icon come up so I clicked on it and it went to another page so I started clicking and reading some and it just happened to be the second link I clicked on.
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Re: [davetclown] Member’s Handbook In reply to
thanks for the ground rules, it makes thinks much easier...especially for us new the way anyone finially claim the super bowl winnings from the end of this post?
Thanks for maintaining such a good resource!
DUH!! I should scroll all the way down next timeBlush
(This post was edited by TexasFisher on Jan 31, 2003, 3:54 PM)
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Re: [TexasFisher] Member’s Handbook In reply to
Houdy! You have been in the back ground for a while. I see you found the basic rules. They are still being refined and compleated. They are posted to allow our members to check out and make any comments, as you have. Allso they are posted for any sugestions that might add to this great opperation of the message boards.
As one of our newest members I would like to tell you: "WELCOME TO THE GREAT AND GROWING BFT MESSAGE BOARDS!"

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