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Trolls are not welcome and will be...

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Trolls are not welcome and will be banned
I thought I would share this with my fellow Members here. I was visiting another forum on an entirely different subject to outdoors and fishing and here was one of their rules. I thought it was kind of qute and thought you all might enjoy seeing how other forums veiw things...

Trolls are not welcome and will be banned. An Internet "troll" is a person who delights in sowing discord in the forums. They try to start arguments and upset people. For whatever reason, they don't fully understand that they are hurting real people. To them, other Internet users are nothing more than a kind of digital abstraction. Indeed, the greater the suffering they cause, the greater their 'achievement' (as they see it). The anonymity of the net allows trolls to flourish. They are easily identified by the fact that they are constantly at odds with other members of the forum, and often "poke fun" at individuals they have disagreed with in the past, trying to provoke a reaction. They tend to beget more trolls and in fact group together and defend one another in order to make their behavior look legitimate.

Trolls create a paranoid environment, such that a casual criticism by a new arrival can elicit a ferocious and inappropriate backlash. When you try to reason with a troll, they win. When you insult a troll, they win. When you scream at a troll, they win. The only thing that trolls can't handle is being ignored and reported.


we Have a pretty clean and friendly environment here, but it dose happen every once in a great while.

So if a Troll ever dose crawls out from under a bridge and starts nipping at your ankles, please contact the moderator of your board or if your board dosnt have a moderator you can contact me with a privet message by clicking on my user name any where on this forum. davetclown

We eat Trolls for breakfast and use their feet for bait. Sly

If the Lord's willing, You'll be Blessed.
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Re: [davetclown] Trolls are not welcome and will be banned In reply to
Nice announcement. Most other places that I go to have signs around that say No Trolling in this Area.Cool

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