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posting pics

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posting pics
I donít seem to be able to post the pics (<400pixls) I would like or find any help info on it in the forums. Step by step for the computer impaired? Thanx!

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Re: [neveronsundays] posting pics In reply to
A user manual is in the process of being written. and will be sent to any one who needs or wants assistance in posting pictures.

for now if you need assistance you may contact me by privet message or the moderator of your state will be happy to assist in getting you on the right track.

scroll on down to your state and introduce your self, you will find your self most welcome.

I see that you are from the great state of Utah, there is a bunch of good o'l boys down there and most likely fishing in the same holes as they are.

Teroy and Predator are your moderators down there and they can hook ya up.

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