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top 10 ski resorts 2006, voted by...

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top 10 ski resorts 2006, voted by skiiers
you having withdrawals from lack of snow, well eat this...Wink

The top 10 ski resorts in North America according to the readers of "SKI Magazine".

Might I say, I highly recomend a subscription. you will be happy with it. it makes me want to thow away my crutches and go shussssssh.Tongue

1: Deer Valley, Utah
Photo Courtesy of Deer Valley Resort.

An awesome all-around experience for all skier types.

2: Vail, Colo.
Huge mountain. Great lifts. Great service. And the Back Bowls. The benchmark for ski resorts.

PHOTO: Scott Markewitz[/url]

3: Whistler/Backcomb, B.C.
Two huge, fabulous mountains and a wonderful village. Can't wait to return.

PHOTO: Dean Thompson[/url]

4: Snowmass, Colo.
"When the new lifts and village are in place, Snowmass will be unbeatable."

Enlarge Image

PHOTO: Hank de Vre

5: Park City, Utah
Convenient, friendly—and my favorite ski town.

PHOTO: Jonathan Selkowitz[/url]

6: Beaver Creek, Colo.
Photo courtesy of Leisa Gibson/Vail Resorts.

Over the top in every way.

7: Breckenridge, Colo.
Photo courtesy of Carl Scofield/Vail Resorts.

Breck is as good a place to ski as it is to hang out. I didn't want to leave the slopes or the town.

8: Aspen, Colo.
The whole banana. Be seen and be happy.

PHOTO: Robert Millman[/url]

9: Mammoth, Calif.
So much mountain. Love the laid-back West Coast attitude.

PHOTO: Christian Pondella[/url]

10. Sun Valley, ID
A great place to get away from it all.
THE LATEST An all-new, $1 million-plus, summit-to-base snowmaking system on Dollar Mountain should improve the beginner experience and probably keep Sun Valley tops on the list of largest computerized snowmaking systems in the world. THE DEAL Kids age 15 and under ski and stay free in Sun Valley Company hotels and condominiums when vacationing with a parent. Restrictions apply. DON’T MISS A moonlit cross-country ski or snowshoe followed by a five-course Full Moon Dinner at the Galena Lodge. LOCAL SECRET Frenchman’s is the place to ski when the resort is busy or after the powder is skied out on the rest of Bald Mountain.

PHOTO: Karl Weatherly[/url]

If the Lord's willing, You'll be Blessed.
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Re: [davetclown] top 10 ski resorts 2006, voted by skiiers In reply to
A bit surprised that Mamoth beat out Sun Valley. I guess it depends on individual preference. Thanks for sharing this dave.

"Luck is when preparation meets opportunity"
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Re: [davetclown] top 10 ski resorts 2006, voted by skiiers In reply to
For Shame !

That is one of the lame-est lists I have seen in a long time. I'll agree with # 3 as one of the best, but the rest of that list looks like it was compiled by those limited to lodge skiing and talking the talk and not really skiing a mountain - it's obvious that the list is influenced more by advertising dollars than by quality of skiing.

Deer Valley ? You've got to be kidding ! On those few occasions when there is enough snow to ski at Deer Valley, most of the people there spend most of their time in the very plush lodge getting hankies handed to them by the lifties while bragging about the awsome turns they made on begginer groomer runs. Did you know that there is a dress code at Deer Valley ?

Dave, might I suggest you get a subscription to a magazine that is really about skiing ? And not about the "Beautiful people" and how and where they spend their non-hard-earned-money.
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Re: [Fishhound] top 10 ski resorts 2006, voted by skiiers In reply to
well you have stated some valid points here,

you are correct in every aspect.

not only do your points place arguments for not going to those places, the are points for going to those places.

I know and understand the type of skiing you are refering to, and every year, rescures risk their vary lives trying to retreive thrill seekers that have taken a spill befor they expire under 10-20 of avalanched snow.

but for those guys who live for the moment on the edge not worying about should they survive crippled for life then the type of skiing you are refering to is the cats meow.

I my self did not vote last year, I did not ski last year. I sugest you talk to all your ski buddies and have them vote.

true my list is targeted towards family venues, But if you have a list or you know of thrill seekers hills by all means share them, just be sure to state that it is a place for extreem thrill seekers.

I dont emagine you have pictures of some of your adventures to share have you?

If the Lord's willing, You'll be Blessed.
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Re: [davetclown] top 10 ski resorts 2006, voted by skiiers In reply to
I didn't mean that those places were not good ski areas, I only meant that they were not my cup'o'tea.

I will give my short list of ski areas. Keep in mind that I can ski for free and I have the best of the best to choose from and in the first 4 cases, without having to travel more than a half and hour to do so.

1. ALTA - The best of the best.
2. Snowbird - Right Next to Alta
3. Brighton - The next canyon over
4. Solitude - Right next to Brighton
5. Whistler - Canada's best
6. Targhee - Idaho's best
7. Jackson Hole - Wyoming's Best
8. Snow Basin - Home of the 2002 Olymics
9. Nordic Valley - Northern Utah back country
10. Powder Mountain - Right next to Nordic Valley

I'll try to get some photos this year and post them here.
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Re: [davetclown] top 10 ski resorts 2006, voted by skiiers In reply to
Hey Dave,

This just in today's news.
Three Utah Ski Resorts Make List of Top Ten October 23rd, 2006 @ 9:32pm
(KSL News) None of Utah's ski resorts are open now, but three of them have made Skiing magazine's Top Ten Ski Areas in North America.
Whistler Blackcomb in British Columbia was ranked first for the 10th year. Alta and Snowbird then follow. Snowbasin is number 10.
The magazine picked from a survey of locals and ski professionals, plus acreage, terrain and annual snowfall.
You can find this issue of Skiing magazine on newsstands now.

I am not alone in my opinion !
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Re: [Fishhound] top 10 ski resorts 2006, voted by skiiers In reply to
there is no wondering in my mind as to why the winter olympics was heald in utah. no matter how much a location has to pay an olympic planning commision you still have to have the ficilities to even be concidered.

that in it self says a lot about the winter sports of utah, to bad they didnt have an ice fishing event.Tongue

If the Lord's willing, You'll be Blessed.