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Kona Hawaii fishing report

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Kona Hawaii fishing report
Kona Hawaii fishing report 3/16/02

The striped marlin bite has slowed down a bunch since last months report. The blue marlin bite is picking up though. It seems to be about a 50/50 mix right now. The blues are running in the 200 to 500 lb. range. The spearfish are finally starting to show up. A bit late in the season for ‘em but if you’re looking for some good eating fish, many prefer spearfish over mahi mahi or ono.

We’re having a pretty good off season bite of yellowfin tuna. Not the little “shibi” kind either. I’m talkin’ 100+ lbs. They’re running with the porpoise schools and the first boat of the day to find the school is usually the one making the score. The “pot lickers” coming in later aren’t having much luck.

Spurts of mahi mahi bites are still happening. The bite should be getting even better as their spring run starts. The ono bite is real slow.

A bunch of dusky and bronze whaler sharks have moved in. They’re in the 200 to 500 lb. range and will really put an angler to the test. Unlike marlin, sharks don’t seem to ever wear down or get tired of fighting. You can usually expect the hardest part of the fight to be right near the boat. The amberjack and almaco jack bite has slowed as a result of the big sharks being in town. Most of the jacks hooked up instantly become shark bait.

See ‘ya on the water ,
Capt. Jeff Rogers ,

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Re: Kona Hawaii fishing report In reply to
sounds like a holotta fun with big blues.
Lookie See what the kids are up to.
Dave T. Clown
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Re: Kona Hawaii fishing report In reply to
Hi I just wanted to know if there is any other hunting (deer possibly) in Hawaii. My husband & I wanted to book a trip there & he loves to hunt. Help if you can ... my e-mail address is

Thanks so much
Rosanne & Danny

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Re: Kona Hawaii fishing report In reply to
Most of the hunting here is for pigs. We also have sheep and goat. I'm not a hunter myself and I don't know of any local guides.

Capt. Jeff

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