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Giant Walleye on 3# test line

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Giant Walleye on 3# test line
We headed out to Petenwell Lake, WI with the goal of getting at least one big slot walleye. One buddy I brought along had never fished on Petenwell before. We did have some success with decent action on Finicky Fooler Tip ups with some smaller walleyes and one keeper plus a giant crappie during most of the day. The best part of ice fishing is it's always full of surprises. I kept telling my buddy's that we were still going to get that slot fish we were after.

Wasn't until we were packing up and we had one more tip up to grab that the fight was on, and we knew it was a big one. Watching it get pulled out on 3# test was even better! Couldn't have ended the day better, and that's the best part about ice fishing!
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Re: [JJdubsOutdoors] Giant Walleye on 3# test line In reply to
Good video, I could feel the tedium then tension, just like real life.
When I start to pack up its a very slow process, often I catch my best fish, or only fish, right at the end.
A few things might cause this but its more like that fishing law that kicks if you take your eyes off a pole.
Could be part attritional too, the good fish are contemplating and biding their time, when I start moving and touching lines to pack up its good to change presentations or get a little jiggy with it.
I remember it happening a lot this season, yesterday one of my best trout hit a minute before leaving, had a few circling waiting for discarded bait possibly, calling them seagulls from now on.
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