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Bruneau Sand Dunes Fishing?

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Bruneau Sand Dunes Fishing?
Hi all. This is my first post here.

I'm native to Idaho (and proud of it) but most of my youth was spent hunting, not fishing. I did a small amount of fishing with my dad, but that was 20+ years ago.

Now, I have a 2.5 year old daughter whom I really want to expose to the great outdoors of Idaho. She already loves going for rides with dad on the ATV. Now, I would like to expose her to fishing (she very much enjoys going to Cabellas to check out "Bubba"). BUT...I want her first experience to be a positive one. If she gets bored, I'm afraid she'll be turned off from the idea from the get-go.

We are planning a quick one-night camping trip to Bruneau Sand Dunes in the next couple of weeks. I know there's a couple of small lakes (ponds?) at the dunes. Any good fishing to be had? Species? Techniques? Would I be wasting my time by even trying this time of year? Any good info or advice would be very much appreciated.

I'm looking forward to lurking around this site over the coming days, weeks, and months.
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Re: [1idahoguy] Bruneau Sand Dunes Fishing? In reply to
Well the Dunes if ice free will have bass, bluegill for sure but may be sloww fishin. I would try to call there to the Dunesor the Fishin Hole in Bruneau.
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Re: [1idahoguy] Bruneau Sand Dunes Fishing? In reply to

It's great to see a Dad that is interested in spending time with his kid!! Smile God bless you sir!

So many parents are "too busy" and just plop the kids in front of a TV set and/or buy them a bunch of toys and other material things out of guilt because the spend little time with them then wonder why the kid is having problems. Children want your attention & time more than anything else period and nothing is better for them.

That said.... my advice to you based on my experience as a father. (my kids are grown & gone and I'm waiting for grandkids to love & spoilLaugh) is this:

Your daughter is still a little young to have a "quality" fishing experience - with her actually fishing & catching fish that is. It sounds like YOU need to learn to fish first so you have some knowledge to impart to her.

For now get her a toy rod or a "Little Mermaid" rod & reel at Wal-Mart and let her mimic you while you are fishing. Kind of like a kid following dad with a toy mower when he is mowing the yard or "shaving" in the mirror with dad with a toy razor - you know what I mean. Make sure mom is there with the camera to get plenty of pictures too!!

Be sure to let her see, touch, play with the fish you catch so she is not scared of them and she won't think they are "yucky' when she gets older. Let her watch you clean your catch let her help if she wants to (don't force her or insist, tet her ask) Maybe when she is not looking tie a small crappie on her line and yell "you got one!! Come reel it it in!!"

When she is a little older, practice casting in the back yard Then when she is about 4-6 (depends on the kid) you can take her fishing for real!

Now the key here is DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT expect to fish much or at all yourself - be VERY Patient and attentive as she snags up & fouls her casts & breaks off & needs help rigging up & yada, yada, yada. Don't kid yourself - this is not easy, it is a lot of work and it can be VERY FRUSTRATING for you & her if YOU do not go into this with the right attitude. She may not even end up liking to fish so try not to be too disappointed if that happens.

BUT if it all works out the payoff is HUGE!! You get a life long fishing buddy & your kid gets a life long hobby.Wink

Enjoy being a Dad! Keep Mom involved too!!

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Re: [1idahoguy] Bruneau Sand Dunes Fishing? In reply to
Hey, i fish bruno regularly. fishing this early in the year may be rough. but later- like in may and the summer, it can be fun for kids to go and catch some bluegill. the pond by the observatory, right off the dock can be good for bluegill. but what ever you do have a wonderful time with your daughter Smile
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Re: [forgiven] Bruneau Sand Dunes Fishing? In reply to
forgiven: thanks for the very honest advice.

I am very aware that I'm not going to be doing very much fishing myself -- this is all meant to be for HER (or rather OUR) enjoyment at this point. I'm hoping to plant the seed of interest at this young age and reap the benefits as she grows up and wants to tag along with daddy (I have the same plans in store for my 5 month old boy). Regarding your advice about getting her a "Little Mermaid" rod & reel -- I already took care of that part!

You are exactly right that I need to re-learn all about fishing myself. I think it's fair to say that a lot has changed since I last picked up a rod and did some serious fishing -- certainly in the materials that are being used today. I have a lot of catching up to do!

><(((*> on!!
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Re: [1idahoguy] Bruneau Sand Dunes Fishing? In reply to
i bought my sone his first scooby doo rod at the begining of the the summer cause he always wanted mine before i knew it he was casting it with his fish weight over 30 feet before he was 2 now almost a year later he stands at the top of our stairs and casts down them or sits out front and casts to our cat and reals it in real slow to get the cat to attack it im gonna have to video tape it and post it it makes me bust a gut every time. seriously though he turned two in october and i really think i can have him catching his own fish this year. well at least casting and realing in the paying attention part will probly be my job lol.Wink

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Re: [1idahoguy] Bruneau Sand Dunes Fishing? In reply to
You are going to be very far from CJ Strike and I would suggest you take your daughter there. I posted an in depth amount of information on the Idaho fishing general forum a while back and if you go find it you will learn all you need to know for your little sweety and yourself to leave with a ton of crappie and perch. Be sure and bring two five gallon buckets to put them in!Wink