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Beginning in Baitcasting

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Beginning in Baitcasting
Hi guys what's up? I need to ask some questions regarding baitcasting. I can't avoid small bird nests. I hold my finger on the center of the spool, but sometimes I get them on the sides where I am not making pressure. If I pressure a lot, I don't get nests, but I can't control the casting quite much.

This is the gear I bought for starting:
- Berkley Cherrywood Rod (5'6", Medium, 8-20 lbs, 1/4 - 3/4 oz)
- KastKing Royale Legend Reel (12 lbs / 165 yd, 7:0)
- Several lures from 1/4 to 3/4 oz
- Monofilament 0.38 mm / 17 lb

I heard maybe it is easier for me to try Braided line. What do you think?
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Re: [federicohuman] Beginning in Baitcasting In reply to
Hi and welcome to our forums.

Baitcasting is one of the techniques that requires time, patience and practice.

It is best to buy some of the different "Practice" weights designed for practice casting. You can set a cast control on the side of your reel which will need to be adjusted from one size of weight to another.

A heavier weight will need a higher setting and lighter weight needs a lower setting.

Your particular reel has a magnetic as well as a centrifugal adjustment. You may want to find a medium setting for the magnetic side and only fine tune the centrifugal side as you change from one weight size to another.

After much practice, you will learn to set the centrifugal to the lowest setting and only slightly adjust the magnetic to a lower setting while you get used to how to properly clamp your thumb on the spool as you cast. This takes lots of practice and makes it more enjoyable once you have mastered the casting technique. Fish On

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