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What bait to use??

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What bait to use??
Hi, I have a small lake by my house that is home to some big bass. I fish up there a lot with and usually catch some good sized fish, but I am not catching a lot. I only catch about 3 fish in a good 2-4 hours. Wondering which lure or bait I should use for this mossy/muddy lake. I've been using a 7' plastic worm on a Texas rig so far. Here is a picture of what the water looks like throughout the lake. It's usually dirtier than the water quality in this picture though.
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Re: [Brianmagee] What bait to use?? In reply to
Hi Brian, welcome to BFT! First off we need some more information. Where do you live? This will give us an idea of techniques since each part of the country is a little different. Looks like there is some ice on your pond still. At this time of year use plastics. The Texas worm is a good rig. Also try jigs bounced off the bottom while you retrieve. The cold water will make the bass sluggish is slow presentations will work the best. As the water arms the fish will get more frisky. That is when you will want to speed up your presentation. Use spinner baits, cranks and as early morning try top water baits like poppers and buzz baits. When the water gets murky and the fish can't see the baits then use baits that make noise. Baits with blades like spinner baits will churn the water up and cranks with rattles in them will trigger strikes.

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Re: [Brianmagee] What bait to use?? In reply to
Weightless senko in watermelon or green pumpkin. Throw it out and let it fall. Twitch it, let it fall. Let the bait do the work.

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Re: [fsh4fun05] What bait to use?? In reply to
This is exactly what I have been using. So far it's the best bait I have used. I may just need to learn how to use it better. Maybe get a different rod too. What kind of rod would you recommend with it??? Fast? Slow action??
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Re: [Brianmagee] What bait to use?? In reply to
For a plastics angler, it is best to carry a few different colors in your arsenal. Some bright colors such as lemon/pineapple, red, orange, firetiger as well as varying shades of browns, greens, purples and blacks.

There are so many ways to fish them and the variety of colors from one day to the next is phenomenol. Some colors work well with pepper flecks or even glitter flecks.

The color of the sky, minimal clarity, nominal clarity or full clarity of the water will also be a factor. The moon phase will also play a role.

It is best to keep a fishing log, as many of us do. Take note as to the season, time of day, water temp, water clarity, sunrise/sunset, moonrise/moonset. If you are anywhere within 400 miles from a coastal body of saltwater, take a look at the paralled tide chart within your lattitude or longitude.

There are so many factors involved. Once you have gone through all the steps, take note of what colors are working best for you under the conditions that you are fishing.

Consider also investing in Jigs, crankbaits, swim baits and other forms. Eventually you will be able to read the water under the current conditions and be able to get the right bait within a few trys.

Ultimately the fish will decide what attracts them.

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Re: [Brianmagee] What bait to use?? In reply to
If your water temp is in the 40's and 50's they aren't eating a lot. Try stickbaiks and let them sit still for a few seconds then give it a crank. Rapela's or Lucky craft pointers work well. I use a med stiff pole for worming, Med for cranking.

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