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Outdoorsman Exchange - Trading Chases

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Outdoorsman Exchange - Trading Chases
The idea for Outdoorsman Exchange came about in an instant, but in a way it was sometime in the making - we just didn't realize it at the time.

For years my husband, Paul, has wanted to go on an elk hunt. I've encouraged him many times. He and his brothers talk how they should all go elk hunting out west with their Dad before age took its toll on him. Pursuit of that dream sounded good but there was always the financial reality check that held my husband back. He couldn't justify spending money on a guided hunting trip and felt a guided trip was the only way to go for a successful hunt. This voice inside kept telling him - we need to save money for more sensible things like kids braces, college funds, etc. Most everyone can relate to these thoughts, unless you're an heir to a fortune.

Me on the other hand, not being quite as sensible as my husband, went ahead with a planned trip to Alaska with my sister. After returning from that Alaska sisters adventure, feeling pretty guilty for spending some of that hard earned money that took so long to save - I again, encouraged my husband to go on that elk hunt out west. But, needless to say he still could not justify the elk hunt and as expected, age has now taken its toll on his father. But that still didn't stop the discussion of that elk-hunting trip. It seems like in some ways hunting is becoming a rich man's sport. And that's when it dawned on us; there must be thousands and thousands of hunters and fisherman feeling the same way. Wanting to experience that dream hunt but not wanting to spend the kind of money it takes to do so. That's when the light bulb went off - to build a website that would give hunting and fishing enthusiasts a place to meet and exchange outings. And not just any website, a well maintained professional website that would list current exchangers - serious outdoorsman looking to exchange fishing and hunting outings with others serious sportsman & woman across the US & Canada.

My husband's dream of an elk hunt out west is still alive, only this time it includes taking our 2 boys when they are old enough. And we know it'll become a reality through our new website business -


- Be the next biggest thing among sportsmen

- Fulfill many hunting and fishing enthusiast dream outings that otherwise might not have fulfilled their dream due to the expense

- Save the outdoorsman thousands of dollars depending on the type of species they're after.

- Possibly save them on lodging expenses, depending on what they work out with their exchange partner

- Open up endless hunting and fishing opportunities across the U.S. and Canada

- Give them the opportunities to hunt or fish with someone who has knowledge and experience on a species that they themselves may not be familiar with

- Possibly help them build friendships with welcomed return visits for years to come

- Give them lasting memories and with a successful trip a new mount to add to their collection!

We are extremely excited and cannot wait to get word out about the endless opportunities that Outdoorsman Exchange will give all hunting and fishing enthusiasts.

Outdoorsman Exchange is going to fulfill my husband's dream elk hunt as well as many other outdoorsman's dream outings. And even though, I myself am not an avid hunter (although I do enjoy the outdoors and fishing), Outdoorsman Exchange is also fulfilling a 20-year-old dream of my own, which is to run my own business.

Outdoorsman Exchange, LLC


P.O. Box 333

Ladysmith, WI 54848