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Snagged Lures?

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Snagged Lures?
Hi Everyone,

I am pretty new to all of this and I need some help. What is the best way to retrieve a snagged lure?
I feel like I might as well just toss my money in the pond if I keep losing my lures.

Thank you!!!
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Re: [fishinggal] Snagged Lures? In reply to
Welcome to the site. There's some products that'll attach to your line, then slide down and either bang, or snag the lure (hopefully). I also got a pole that extends, and has a corkscrew on the end. It's pretty awkward to deal with, but it's freed a few for me.

I still haven't tried the string one that slides down.
They also have slit rings you can put on your hooks, so they can pop free.
I just figure when I lose something - it's an excuse to go get a replacement, and then maybe a backup . . . Wink
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Re: [CoyoteSpinner] Snagged Lures? In reply to
What do you think of the "snag free" lures? Do you think its worth it to try to prevent snags, or get you lures back?
I am finding that alot of people just don't want to take the time to do so, but some of these lures can get so darned expensive!! I hate to just let them go without a fight :)
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Re: [fishinggal] Snagged Lures? In reply to
Not sure what you mean by 'snag free'.
There's some with like a brush guard, or a wire, rubber band even on hooks. Guess it all depends on what kind of lure you're fishing. I know for me - I hate loosing crankbaits, that's why I got these rigs...

Snagmaster Lure Retriever

I still haven't tried the snagmaster, but in some ways I think I like it more - especially for deeper water.
Sometimes I just think I should get a mask and diving gear! Find everyone else's lost hardware!!!

But there's lots of other snag-free rigs - especially plastics and swimbaits - bass rigs. Nice thing about plastics too is they tend to be cheaper.
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Re: [fishinggal] Snagged Lures? In reply to
Snag avoidance is an art all on it's own. When we jig fish for walleye in Ontario we just assume we will lose a lot of jigs.

The biggest key to not getting snagged as often is to take your time setting the hook. Once you set the hook in a tree you are pretty much done. But you did mention pond fishing. Depending on the size of the pond you can change your angle just like you would in a boat to free your lure. I've walked half way around our pond before looking for a better angle to yank a lure free. Standing the in the spot where you got the snag to begin with rarely works.

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