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In just over three hours between three of us fishing out of the boat we'd landed 51 fish including 4 different varieties of trevally and a small spotted mackeral. None of them were eligible for the competition but we decided to keep a few of them for dinner at our campsite. We ended up having a series of disasters and not eating the fish that day. The following day we were travelling back to the other side of the island to stay overnight at the resort before travelling back home. Things didn't go to plan, we ended up with ten minutes to leave on the barge or being stuck on the island for another couple of days. We were on the barge when I said to my husband that we'd forgotten to collect our fish. A couple of weeks later we had a phone call from our friend who had decided to eat the spotted mackeral, he had to be airlifted to hospital as the fish had cigatura, its been nearly six months and pretty soon he will be able to eat seafood again and drink alcohol. How lucky were we?

by JDB : Sunday 5 November, 2000

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