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Dumb Luck

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Dumb Luck
Once I was out camping up the North Fork of the skykomish river. We had a sling shot and we're shooting rocks up in the air and watching the bats swoop down and snatching the rocks carrying them a few feet and dropping them. I shot up a larger rock to see if the bats would go for it. I don't recall if they went for it but the rock went into the river which was pretty small cause we were at the head waters. The next morning we walked over to the river to get some water to cook with and there was a 20" steelhead with a large dent in its head just resting up against a rock opening and closing it's mouth, in about 10 inches of water. I was able to pick it on up and we had a new menu for dinner. We could never know for sure if it was the 1 rock that went into the river but that's the only thing we could figure.