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My Cousin (22) and I (19) fished a Pro-am muskie tournament
for the second consecutive year a couple of weeks ago.
Before this tournament I had never caught a legal muskie, which
in Wisconsin is 34 inches. The tournament started on a
Saturday morning at 7:30 and our game plan was set to fish the
same area we had the previous year and hope fully land a large
muskie we had seen there. We started to work this
area which is a small channel between lakes. The channel its
self is only about 60 yards at the widest point down to about 15
yards before it gets to shallow to navigate a boat. Starting at
about 7:45 we started to work this area from the widest part in.
At around 9:30 we were in the back of the channel casting into
2 feet of water with some muskie cabbage and lilly pads. I
threw out a cast with my bucktail about 20 yards from the
boat and began to reel it in at a moderate pace, just as my
bucktail reached the lilly pads I felt a sudden jerk on my line.
I set the hook with all the power I could muster and began to
fight the thrashing monster. I didn't exactly know if it was a big
fish or not until I saw its huge mouth and head trying to shake
out my bucktail. The hog thrashed and ran until I could get
him close enough to the boat to get him in the net. My cousin
swooped the net down and lifted the sow into the boat. After
some hooting and hollering we removed the fish gently from the
net unhooking it in the process. I quickly measured the fish
and set it in the livewell. The 38 inch beast barley fit but we
managed to get him settled in and took off quickly for the weigh
in. My first legal muskie a 38in 12lb hog combined with another
35 1/2in 11lb fish ended up winning our boat $4000 dollars
and second place missing first by a 1/2 pound or just 1 in.
All and all a pretty memorable experiance of my first legal

by kurtzy : Thursday 21 September, 2000

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