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REPORT #41 December 2003 Email:


Tarpon snook Fishing San Juan River Nicaragua, “Rodal del Toro”

A great Fishing Expedition with Several 200lb tarpon in front of Lodge, and many 90lb/150lb... also some good size Snook...and Gar...
You can read the complete Report with Photos and Guests comments at :

Our Guests Jim and Jo ( a couple of experienced Angler, Jim is a Marine Biologist ) were coming from Oregon , Richard from Texas where he run a newspaper... I had so many guests from texas this year that I wish to go there sometime , everyone talking so well of their land.
All Guest land in San Jose , Costa Rica, I was waiting for them at the airport for a Car transfer to Los Chiles,.
All our fishing has been in Rio San Juan in Nicaragua. also in Solentiname Archipelago in the great Nicaragua Lake for Rainbo bass. .We fished for tarpon from San Carlos at the entry of the Great Nicaragua Lake down to El Castillo , (In this trip we took a break to visit this so clean little town , build under the impressive fortress with it's Museum...It is really still a big pleasure for me to offer in my trips Top Fishing but also History, Discovery, Rainforest and wild life...)

Three Guest : we did use two boats ( The competition between the Guides has also been a fun part of the trip ) .

Most of our Fishing has been in the Rodal Del Toro ( Rapids ) precisely in front of the new lodge than we are using now... place is brand new and confortable..., Tarpon feed at 10 meters from deck... and are big we had several in the 200lb range... Really many... ( I did not count ) from 80lb till 150lb... most on trolling some on Casting... also some good size snook and Gar A lot of fun...
So many Tarpon... Some nights I even wake up due to the splash of Tarpon in front of the lodge... we where almost in full moon and extraordinary spectacle... So now the noise at night is from the Tarpon not from the rooster a change but really I do not know what to do because now may be some Guests may complain as Tarpon are to noisy...( I am really Half Kidding... as the place is Incredible and probably Unique in the World as the show is so close from room and All year round...).. Another atraction is when we have a tarpon on , Guests can watch and tape their partner from the deck...

We had our meals in town ( Very very typical tropical village .. very poor, Strange but not dangerous at all.) Meals .at Clarisse place... I cooked the first day ( river scrimps a la normande , 1lb each scrimp ...) then I discovered she was a chef so she cooked all our meals and very very well ..I would describe her cooking as " an interesting inovative new Nicaraguan Cuisine .." Seriously she really cook very well , a special Mention for the" stuff snook Filet "
End of trip has been in Solentiname Archipelago , for Rainbow bass, wapote fishing..... we report a 12lb Rainbow... and also some TARPON SNOOK FISHING close to San Carlos where we soon are going to start the building of our new lodge... in the last two days Guests had a lot of Tarpon one estimated far more than 200lb lost to the boat... on 12lb.. some good size snook around 25lb, one lost to the boat estimated between 40lb and 50 lb..
I know than what I wrote concerning Tarpon Fishing here will seam exagerated to many Readers so I shot a lot of photos in this trip.. I am Not Cartier Bresson but with these Sony Mavica Camera.I could shot Tarpon Jump .from the Deck of Sabalo in front of "Rodal del Toro"
You are welcome to read the complete Report with Photos and Guests comments at :

Still with doubts : Ok I may forward the E mail adress of these Guests so readers can talk directly with them about quality of our fishing and service...
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