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Fishing with Blue

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Fishing with Blue
Blue (my dog) was about 5 months old, when we decided to take her fishing one Sunday. We had went to a couple of our favorite spots with no luck. Now Blue is one of those dogs that if it smells real bad she's rolling on it. We finally made our way to a spot where there was gutted fish and rotten bait every where. I cast my line and turned to see Blue just a rolling. I fussed at her to get up so i could see what she have found to smell herself up with. To my amazment she was rolling on money. I picked the folded up 20 to find another 20. HEE HAW! I turned to my hushand to show him the $40.00 Blue had found, when he pointed in the dicection of Blue. I turned to see she was rolling again. Walking over to see what source of smell she had found this time,fussed at her to again get up. There was another folded up 20. As I unfolded the bills to my amazment another $140.00. Blue had found us a $180.00. BEST DAY of FISHING I EVER HAD!