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Fly fishing class

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Fly fishing class
Well, last weekend I went to the river with my fly fishing class to practice what we were taught. It was snowy up in the mountains and the first thing I did was get my 2wd truck stuck while parking. I was out of the way so decided to get dressed and take care of the truck when we were done.

I proceeded down to the river to watch others catch fish. People upstream and downstream started catching fish and I would watch and wonder what it was like. One of the instructors noticed I was not catching anything and came over to help out. We lengthened my tippet and he tyed on a new dropper fly for me to use. Still nothing.

We proceeded down to the next hole and watched as others caught fish. I finally considered that I would not catch anything when the instructor shook his head and went to help others.

Once back at the truck I got undressed and ready to pull out and I was still stuck so five big guys got in front of the truck and started pushing, they pushed so hard that I got stuck on the other side trying to pull forward. They went to the back and pushed and I was finally on my way home. It was a beutiful day so even though I did not catch any fish I enjoyed myself.


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