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Hitman Society

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Hitman Society
I. Introduction
The wind was blowing and the trees were dancing. It was a calm night. The insomnia was giving me trouble to sleep as the days were passing and it was coming closer and closer. I grabbed my Piscifun’s Fishing rod and went out for a walk to the shore. Fishing always chilled me in some way. When I grab the rod and concentrate on catching the fish, somehow I feel strong and fresh, capable of doing everything on the world I want. The ‘day’ that I was talking about is the Hitman’s Exam. What is the Hitman’s Exam? Well I should go a bit back in time.
Years ago when I was only 7 years old my father disappeared, leaving me with my mother to take care of me. I blamed him for years that he was not around, but a couple of months ago while I was in the woods, strolling around, a big dire wolf showed up from the bushes. Big and black, with white teeth sharp as machete and claws big as my head, the Reaper was standing in front of me. And when I thought that everything was gone, a mysterious man appeared from the bushes. He was wearing a big black coat and white shirt. On the back of the shirt there was a big pistol hanging as it was some kind of toy. His eyes were red. From the beginning I thought that the presence of the Reaper was coming from the dire wolf, but I was wrong. The stranger looked the wolf straight in the eyes and it looked like they were fighting only with eye contact. Second later, the wolf got somehow mentally crushed so it backed down and run away.
“Are you alright, kiddo?” he yelled at me with great, masculine voice that I have never heard before. “Y-yeah, who are you, sir?” I replied with trembling voice.
The stranger came close to me and gave me a hand to help me stand and he made me sit on a log. His face was rough and he had a big scar on his cheek, like he was cut with very sharp knife. Probably in his 40’s, his hands were showing that maybe he had worked something that involved really hard work, because of the big forehand and biceps, but still his palms were so clean and soft like he was a surgeon. From the bushes a little black and white wolf appeared, looking so beautiful and innocent, searching for his mother.
“His mother won’t return anytime soon and he will get lost. It will grow with the feeling of hatred to humans. It shouldn’t live anymore..” he says coldly.
But the little creature was so innocent and cute, I could never leave it to die out there in the summer nights, knowing that I could do something. That’s why I grabbed it and took it in my arms. It immediately bit me, but knowing that I had just separated him from his mother, this was nothing.
“Who are you?” I asked
“I knew your father” said the unknown stranger. These 4 words stunned me. My stomach ached like somebody had just put a knife in it. “I was his apprentice” he continued.
“Your father was a professional Hitman like me. But we ain’t just killers kid. We’re a top team working independently from every government in the world. And our aim is to protect the people from what they don’t know..Yet!” he said it so calm, like he was introducing me the lunch menu of a restaurant. “You are no ordinary kid, James. Your father disappeared 10 years ago and his whereabouts are still unknown. You have a special blood going through your veins, kiddo. If you want to know more about your father, meet me at this place after 3 months.” He continued talking, telling me something that sounded as a fairy tale for me. He gave me a piece of note with some kind of coordinates written on it. I took it and while I was examining it with eyes, he disappeared.
And that’s how I was standing on the shore at midnight, looking at a piece of paper and fishing with the only thing left from my mother – an old Piscifun rod. There was no one stopping me from leaving home. My father disappeared years ago, my mother passed away last year from disease. I was living in a small farm house and the live for me, was stuck in some kind of a vacuum from a long time now. Nothing was stopping me, except the fear. The fear of the unknown.