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Muddy bank fishing, scary story.

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Muddy bank fishing, scary story.
When I was around 16 years old my two older brothers and I went to a creek that led off of Arkabutla Lake in Mississippi. There's a creek that runs off the lake all the way to highway 51 where we would park and walk up the creek toward the lake catching huge Largemouth with Big Balsa wood Tennesee shad deep diving crankbaits in late spring.

Well I went out way ahead of my brothers and there was a sand bar ( I thought it was anyways) and I waded in knee deep water over to it about 10 feet in the channel. I stood there fishing for a minute and noticed my foot sank about 10 inches down and when I pushed up with my other foot that one sank about a foot deep. I wiggled and tried everything to get my legs free but every move I made I just went deeper so I started yelling for my brothers at the top of my lungs.

About 30 minutes later they heard my frantic screams and came running. I was over waist deep in this mud and surely would have disappeared beneath it if they had got on some fish way back up the creek and didn't come more toward the lake for a couple hours.

Needless to say I have never made that mistake again!
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Re: [bytebull] Muddy bank fishing, scary story. In reply to
I havent visited in a while, thanks for the message. That sure is a scary story though! I can't imagine what i'd do bcause I fish alone often lol. I'd probably just die :P
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