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My husband and I were off for a week at a family members'cottage on a fresh water lake and we were at the shore at about 1 o'clock in the afternoon swimming and amateurely scuba diving when I saw a large shadow swimming in the near vicinity. Upon closer examination,I saw that this was probably about a 3 to 4 lb.Large Mouth Bass! So,excitedly,I whispered to my husband(who was closer to shore),to run up to the cottage and get me my fishing rod. He looked at me like I was a nut and asked me if I truly thought that I was going to catch that fish. I told him that that was my exact thought so would he PLEASE get me my rod and some corn or something from the cottage. Shaking his head,he did go and get it for me and I,vigilantly watched this fish. He came back with some corn on the hook,rolled his eyes at me,and handed me my rod. This fish was so close to shore that I just stood on a rock not too far out(the water where it was was only about 3 feet deep). I dropped the line in the water(while my hubby was going on about how this wasn't going to work),and to our surprise the bass took the bait! I was so thrilled that I almost lost the fish when it started swimming out,but by the look on my face,my husband knew that I needed help bringing this one in! So he ran out to me and together we pulled this fish in. Then we took a couple of pictures to prove this to everyone and we let the bass go. And,I still have the pictures to prove it!

by fidget2 : Friday 27 October, 2000

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Re: OH YES I CAN! In reply to
them ol bass would bite on a peice of an iner tube

Cool “Don’t forget to wiggle your jig.” davetclown