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On the Banks of the Loup River

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On the Banks of the Loup River
Going back to when I was a young wife, in what seems now like another time. It was there along the banks of the Loup River outside a town called Elba that I found my favorite fishing spot. It was my favorite spot of all the spots I've ever been.

Wading out in that river to the sandbars and tossing in a line was a restful time, a time for reflection and a time to catch a fish or two if they chose to bite.

I had a rod and reel but I liked fishing the old way with a cane pole and a bobber. I didn't have to worry about casting and reeling it in, just had to give it a toss and watch for the fish to take the bait. That was real fishing.

I was young enough then to sit on the bank, lean up against a tree, cross one leg over the other and throw in my line. If I caught a fish it was like the frosting on the cake but if I didn't the cake was good anyway.

There is nothing like a just right day, bare feet with toes wiggling in the dirt and the right amount of sun, not too warm and not too cold. Who could ask for anything more?

If we weren't throwing in our lines, we set bank lines. You stuck short poles in the bank along the river and they took care of themselves. You could sit and watch them if you had a mind to, or you could set them, leave them and come back to check on them later or the next morning.

The river was often a lazy river, serene and pleasing to the eye. You didn't have to drive to it, you could walk there from anyplace in town. Walking across the bridge to the other side was a pleasure for on the other side was my favorite spot of all.

There must have foods I took to snack on but they were never really important. It wasn't even important that I caught some fish. What was important was the simple pleasure of a day spent in my favorite fishing spot doing what I'd liked best. I had time to think, time to contemplate the bigger issues in my life. It was my time to enjoy the wonders we're blessed with. It was on the banks of the Loup River where I first found my favorite fishing spot.

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