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Outdoor Adventures Made in Nevada -...

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Outdoor Adventures Made in Nevada -

As for our fishing's pretty ironic how I plan a fishing trip but end up spending most of our time cruising around 4wheeling and checking out as many spots as possible.

We hit Illipah Reservoir up which is right before Ely, in White Pine County, on Highway 50 and I must say it's by far one of the prettiest reservoirs in Nevada. The fish where rising everywhere - but landing one was a different story. We spent about 45 minutes there before we needed to head up to Ely and find a room.

Once in Ely, we realized that there where no rooms available at all - so I highly recommend calling ahead even if you think small towns never get too many tourists - this one did!

Leaving relatively early the next day we headed for Cave Lake - passing Comins Reservoir which is located directly off of the main road. There where several fisherman there - so we decided to head up to Cave Lake and see if we couldn't find some Elk on the way up.

Of course we drive into Cave Lake and the water is as still as can be and the fish there where rising as well...figures. We decided to cruise up the canyon in search of Elk before we began fishing. We ran across a heard of around 75-100. It was by far the coolest thing ever...

Got back to Cave Lake - blew up the tubes and then the clouds and the thunder rolled in. I'd say we got about 30 minutes of fishing in before we had to get out due to the lightning. We waited around and it just got worse so we packed up and decided to drive to Elko.

Next day we drove up to Angel Lake outside of Wells. There was a children's fishing derby going on so we decided not to go on the water so instead we cruised around and came across about 25 sheep grazing high above the lake in the snow packs. What a site that was.

Same day - we cruised up to the Ruby Marshes which was extremely hot and windy. We casted a few lines out ...then ran across a few folks form Reno that we ended up talking too for an hour or so...once that was done - we went out to South Fork Reservoir and went to the backside of the dam. There where a ton of people fishing and not catching a thing.

We spent an hour or so before we had to get going back to Elko. It was 8:30 PM. Long days, too much fun and too little fishing - but one of the best trips for seeing a new part of Nevada. LEARN MORE ABOUT NEVADA'S AREA FISHING
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Re: [fishthewest] Outdoor Adventures Made in Nevada - In reply to
that is some beutiful contry, thanks for the shots...

If the Lord's willing, You'll be Blessed.
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Re: [fishthewest] Outdoor Adventures Made in Nevada - In reply to
Thanks Fishthwest