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Ringing Reels

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Ringing Reels
Recipe for fun : Two boy's (brother's), fishing gear, some bait and a few hour's to kill.
Location: A very quiet saltwater creek, filled with fishing trawler's, shady mangrove tree's, a clear sky and a warm day.

This was the criteria necessary for two brother's (mates) to enjoy a morning filled with laughter, jokes and mayhem.

My brother and I never actually planned our fishing trip's, it was more like "Wanna go fishun?" and either one of us would say "Yeahhhhh"! We alway's went to the same spot, just down the road from where we lived and our bicycles would carry us to a local area where we would find a vacant jetty and the race would be on, to see who could get their bait in the water the quickest.

Mind you, this area was well known for it's reputation as a complete waste of time as far as catching decent edible fish went and we both knew this for a fact. But as young adventurous kid's we didn't give a damn, we just needed to dangle our lines in the water and try to land the big one (that never came)!

The contest would begin as alway's, with each of us having two rod's and reel's, one for the normal sized fish and the other a robust heavily weighted line that was rigged to catch a Noah's Ark (Shark). The enthusiasm we had was simply electric and the hopes of going home with a bag, full of fish was imminent, in our warped little mind's at least. But as per usual the enthusiasm would start to wane after about two hour's filled with catching nothing and now it was time to pull out all stop's...........

Our cast's were now becoming more a contest of distance rather than accuracy and we would silently give ourselves a pat on the back when we had made a good cast. Then the little white lie's would make an appearence: "Oh you should have felt the bite I just had!" or "I had him! but I dropped him as soon as he started his run!" We would fool around like this for the next thirty minutes or so, then even this would start to get a little boring.

So it was that my brother pulled the dirtiest stunt that any fisherman could do.....He had set his ratchet on the reel to the "ON" position, then unbeknown to me, he tugged at his own line, making the reel scream out! All I knew was to look over at him in amazement after hearing his reel ring, then seeing him grab at his rod and wrestle with a monster fish, then almost as quickly realise that he had nothing at all and the joke was played and made at my expense. About five minutes would pass and then I would pull the same stunt on him!

Another half hour would pass and we were well and truly bored, it was alway's decided then, that there were no fish in that stupid creek. But sure as eggs, guess who would be down there the following weekend, doing the same silly stuff at our favourite fishing spot.

We are much, much older now and still go fishing together and yes we both still pull that dirty stunt on eachother!.........Some guy's just don't know when to quit....

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