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Son w/Leukemia Fan Club

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Son w/Leukemia Fan Club
My son Justin is 13 yrs. old and is fighting his 2nd battle with Leukemia since 1995. He is a patient at Texas Children's Cancer Center in Houston. After 2 1/2 yrs. of chemotherapy treatments, which began in 1995, then being off treatment for 2 1/2 yrs., he had to start all over again in July, 2000. This time to include 2wks of radiation and an additional round of chemotherapy that will last until May, 2003. His first prognosis was a 95% chance he would be cured, this time it's better than 50%, so we are not sure where our journey will take us this time around.

Justin has not had a normal life and is very sad that he has had to be homebound this past year. He has had some very trying times in his short 13 yrs and especially in the past recent months, so as MOM I am trying to brighten his days and put a smile back on his face. Justin loves to fish and duck hunt, he is a lego, Star Wars, N'SYNC, James Bond and Gundam Wing maniac. He loves Crocodile Hunter and hopes to one day meet him. Justin is a pizza and hot dog kinda guy and also loves to watch movies and play video games. He loves music, most all music, so I have started 'JUSTIN'S FAN CLUB'** to show him how much people really do care by sending requests for autographed photos to as many celebrities as possible to give him something positive to remember this time of his life and so far it is working. He has received over 20+ t-shirts(he is a 2XL), cd's, stickers, posters, and over 600 photos, quite a few with personal notes to Justin. He also got to go on a fishing trip on Lake Fork, TX with Skeeder D and had a wonderful time.

Justin has also been receiving photos from people all over who like to fish, with their 'big' catch, and he gets so excited when he gets these photos and would like for all you fishing buds to send in your photo to join his 'Fan Club'. Roland Martin and Bill Dance have already joined in support of Justin. This has become such a spirit lifting experience and is having a positive impact on his attitude towards what seems to be a never-ending nightmare. The smile on his face when Justin receives these photos each day is priceless and I want to continue keeping a smile on his face. Each day that he smiles, he is happy and I believe this will help him in a complete recovery from his cancer this time around. This will be the biggest FAN CLUB ever, please join by sending your photos to:
JUSTIN YOUNG 296 Hightower Rd, DeRidder, LA 70634 #: 337-462-2352

Thanks, Alison (mom)