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The Big Snag Fish

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The Big Snag Fish
I was fishin with my buddy before we had to got to work @ 10AM
We arrived at our favorite fishin spot about 8:30AM.
I casted out my line..Yellow perch were hittin some fierce...every on...same with my buddy...We had so much fun catchin & releasing..we didn't realize the time...It was about 9:45AM.
My buddy had one on when I yelled out ..we gotta he reeled in fast..he cut the line as close as he could to the fish...He was tellin me he was a big one about 12 inches...
We arrived at work on time cause I know how to speed.
The next day,
We went out again..same spot around same time.....One hit hard...I yelled "one on"...this one was a fighter...then nothing...felt like I snagged on some weeds....I gave it a jerk..line was free....reeled in slowly...wouldn't ya know it the fish my buddy caught was on my line still...after landing him...I knew it was my buddies he still had the tackle from my buddies line from the day before still in his I took out my hook and my buddies..we both laughed..I gave his tackle back...released the fish..he was 12 inches for a yellow perch that's a good size.
We headed back to work..

Here Fishy...Fishy...Fishy!??
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Re: [Snags_Alot] The Big Snag Fish In reply to
I like that story, what a surprise. I just read a bunch of perch recipies the other day in the local news paper. I need to go fishing soon to try those recipies.


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Re: [Snags_Alot] The Big Snag Fish In reply to
a similar thing happened to me one winter, I hooked in to a pike on ultra light riging and since I was using light riging I had to finesse him in.

well about 4 holes across from me another angler hooks in to a big fish, we battle are battling our fish for 20 minutes and we had drawn quite a few on lookers to see what all the action and hootin and hollaring was all about. we continued for another 10 minutes and I was loosing head way. about an hour in to the battle the guy in the other hole hollars he's got it in. he starts to un hook his fish and hallars hey I ve got some body elses set up, I hollared back I will give a couple jerks and if its mine just cut the line and bring my jig back.

sure enough it was my rig, by that time we had 40 people standing around in a circle around us we were about 50 - 70 feet apart. a by stander hollars out, "I didnt know Laural and Hardy were fishing today" and that was all it took for the whole bunch to bust out laughing and spillin beer. SlyLaugh

the other guy did give me back my jig and said thanks for wearing him out for me...LOL

If the Lord's willing, You'll be Blessed.
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Re: [DanielJRioux] The Big Snag Fish In reply to
Yeah Perch are surprisely tastey..when I was a younger boy we would just throw em away.

Here Fishy...Fishy...Fishy!??
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Re: [davetclown] The Big Snag Fish In reply to
I think sharing a fish or catching a breakaway is only a matter of time for everyone. I have had many tangles with other people, particularly surf fishing along the South African Natal coast during shad (bluefish) season, when they run in giant shoals all the way from the Cape Province to Natal province, a distance of a few hunred miles.
The beaches turn into snaking fishing pole forests and tangling is anavoidable.
Last fall I was bass fishing in a small private lake in upstate NY, spinning a Panther Martin along a brush line. I noticed a stir in the water and flipped the Martin to come across the activity, but no luck After a few more goes, I gave up and decided to move on to a different spot. As I walked by the spot where i had spotted the movement, I noticed there was still activity there, but it stayed in one spot. I crept to the edge of the bank and whaddya know - there was a breakaway LMB snagged in some branches dangling in the water. I waded in, grabbed the line and pulled him to me.
A 2lb LMB with someone else's Rapala still stuck in its mouth and a couple of feet of line.

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Re: [Snags_Alot] The Big Snag Fish In reply to
Thanks for sharing