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The bass HUNTING trip

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The bass HUNTING trip
Now the reason I call this a bass hunting trip is because, basically, that is exactly what it was.

It all started one night when I was going coon hunting. Some hunters from another area had heard about my dog Blue and his excellent nose. Blue had the reputation of being able to run a track a week old.

Well, we were hunting along a river here in WV when Old Blue started barking treed. We hurried to where he was barking at a rather large Bass he had drug up on the river bank. The guys that were hunting with me started razzing me about having a fish dog when I saw something move inside the Bass. I reached down and slit the fish open and there was a 27 pound coon inside that fish.

Talk about a TALL tail or maybe a ringtail!


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Re: [DanielJRioux] The bass HUNTING trip In reply to
thanks for not dragging that bass a hundred feet up a sycikamore tree, me along with it... LOL

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