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True Crime Adventures – Hansen Dam

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True Crime Adventures – Hansen Dam
I decided it was time to fish the actual lake at Hansen Dam. I usually invite my brother when I fish, but this time I was going solo. He is a cop and I was planning on breaking the law. No need to get him involved.

I have often gazed upon the lake below the concrete pond and thought, “If I am going to get skunked anyway, I might as well do it on a proper body of water”. There is nothing more depressing that getting no bites while fishing in a square water container with a lifeguard watching my every move.

So I premeditated my crime and packed everything I needed in my backpack and drove to the park. I turned right instead of left and went as far as I could before fences closed the road. I parked the truck and slipped into the brush with my rod and backpack as stealthily as possible. After walking for literally miles through the swamp I eventually found my way to the actual lake. Bear in mind that I could have walked directly to it if I parked in the first lot. But I was committing a crime and wanted to sneak in from the back! Much more exciting, if not stupid.

On my hike through the swamp I found a rustic campsite, no doubt made by the locals. There were empty cans of bud light, a used condom hanging from a log and a pair of torn pink undies hanging from a branch. Wow. “What a fantastic place to drink and ****”, I thought. She must have been hot.

When I finally reached the lake I was surprised at the beauty and peacefulness. I found a small opening where I had just enough room to toss my line out in a half-assed fashion. My rig was home grown earthworms from my city provided (Glendale) compost bin with a barrel weight and swivel 3ft up the line. I was certain that I would be slamming fish within minutes. I was disappointed when nothing happened, but not surprised. At one point a huge fish that looked like a carp leaped out of the water just out of my casting range and belly flopped back in. Almost as if to spite me.

I made the decision to move to a better spot, and started to move through the brush when I heard the ATV engine in the distance. I quickly got down and paused motionless as I heard the vehicle drive down the dirt path just above me. No doubt, this was “The Man” hunting me like an animal. After he passed it seemed safe so I ventured on. As I ducked under branches and made my way to the opening by the dirt path I heard loud talking and laughing nearby. I froze and turned slightly to see the ATV and its passengers parked in an opening on the lake. I was about 50ft behind them. They did not see me. I slowly crept back to cover and waited, hoping they would leave. But they didn’t. They laughed and talked loudly. I could not make out a word they were saying. It was annoying and I was trapped.

I decided to wait them out. Eventually, after about 30 minutes, I heard the ATV start up and drive back down the path above me. I laid low for a moment, and then made my move. When I arrived at the opening I was excited. There was more than enough room to cast and there was even a lifeguard rescue surfboard nearby in case of I needed to paddle out and free my line from a branch. Just as I cast for the first time, I again, heard the ATV behind me.

My soul was crushed and I felt great panic. For a moment, I thought of running into the brush, but I had had enough. I simply stood there and continued to fish until the lifeguard pulled up, by himself this time, and informed me that I was not allowed to fish on the lake. So I left. I walked back to my truck, which was at least a mile away now, and drove home, skunked again. I have unfinished business at this place and I fear that I must return some day.
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