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Your Mom?

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Your Mom?
My boys know that mom likes to hunt and fish. Since they grew up with mom doing those "guy kinda things" they have never had a problem with it.
But it just so happens that my oldest son decided he and some of his friends wanted to go fishing one night. Itold him sure that I would take them to my favorite lake and we could stay out late as we wanted to.
We got all the gear ready and off we went to pick up a few of his friends. The boys all rode in the back of the truck leaving me all alone in the front.
When we got to the lake the boys jumped out and of course left me behind.that didn't bother me because I had figured my son had told them that mom broght them and they did not want to be seen with someones mom.
After my song had quit playing, I decided I would show those boys how to fish a little. They were all sitting on the bank having a jolly old time talking about the new , cute girl in school and how they would just love to kiss her.
I of course having a weird sense of hummor asked if she wanted to kiss them. You would of thought those boys had seen a ghost. Quiet was what those boys were.
I told them that I was going to go down the bank a little ways because they had probably scared off all the fish. As I walked a way I heard all of they say "your mom?" "how could you bring your mom to a guy fishing party?"
My son just quietly said "if you don't shut up and start fishing she will catch them all"
Now of course my mean little sense of hummor just had to strike again! Every time I would get a bite I would yell " boys I think I'm gonna need some help on this one it's bigger than the last one." The boys would all mumble something and pretend not to hear me.
Around two in the morning some of the boys started to wander down towards my little spot. The excuse was "you got pretty quiet and we needed to make sure you were ok."
Well, the boys stayed and watched me hook the minnows and cast them off into the dark water, then in a few up would come a big catfish. All the praise I got was your mom fishes?

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