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Your fishing dreams

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Your fishing dreams
If your like me, you've had a dream or two where your pulling in that hog you've always been after, or sea monster, or fully cooked fish dinner with your choice of sides.
The act of writing dreams down, exercises your ability to remember dreams and may increase your dreaming abilities such as lucidity in dreams.
Dreams have always been points of interest since the dawn of man and ever since the first fish was caught, or maybe before, they have surely played a part in mans dreams. Maybe, after seeing these strange, yet tantalizing creatures a neolithic man dreamed of the two pronged spear and fishing was born, who's to say? Many inventions have come to people through dreams, I heard the bullet was envisioned from a dream of molten lead rain.
Maybe you'll discover the latent inventor inside yourself and invent the next fishing breakthrough! Or maybe you just dream that a fish grants you a wish if you let him go (I would keep him alive and only feed him after he grants a wish).
But if you do have a fishing related dream, please share them here. I suggest that you keep a pen and paper next to your bed so you can record it as soon as you wake, your recollection of dreams dissolves as soon as your awake.
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Re: [CptHook] Your fishing dreams In reply to
yes my dream is to fishing on Yacht Charter Dubai. 2011 my friends was planned to go there they said great place for fishing & for family tour.

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