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cubed i c e

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cubed i c e
Unsure Went out for a day of fluke fishing, with a friend from work, on 9-7-02.

Weather looked good on the way out, but there were f e w fish to be had,

(except the 14" type). Tried several areas, but only got two keepers.

Went back to the marina, and as Scott was cleaning up the boat, I

noticed a boat untying, preparing to go out..... Also surveyed the recent damage

to the docks caused by a recent high wind at high tide event. Many loose

boards, broken ladders, boat scars, etc.

As the boat mentioned above pulled away, I asked ' would you like

some ice?? '. He said sure and started over, and I started towards him with two bags.

When his boat got close, I stepped towards him and leaned out......

Oh crap! I thought as my foot sank and my body drifted towards the bow

of his boat. I had chosen to step where three boards had been broken loose

and layed back in place. Well...... I did'nt get wet or even hurt, as I plopped

down on the small flat area in the bow of the boat. ' Here's your ice,

good luck' I said. Scott almost poked his eye out on the brush he was

using, due to uncontrolled laughter. The boat owner cracked a big smile,

then was able to gain control. I also had a big (embaressed) smile going too.

That ice sure can be slippery...........