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Reasons Why I fish

Poll: Reasons Why I fish
Primarily Food
Primarily Sport
Primarily Relaxation
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Reasons Why I fish
Reasons Why I fish

If you had to choose one, what would be your primary reason for going fishing?

aditional comments welcome...
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Re: [davetclown] Reasons Why I fish In reply to
For me, fishing is primarily about relaxing. Getting out into God's creation and enjoying the fresh air, enjoying the beautiful scenery, enjoying the time away from the rush of everyday life. It's the one thing that I've found to be very relaxing but with the possibility of the thrill of a lifetime when you catch that biggun!

Kinda like the last time I went fishing. Not only did I get the first catch of the day. It was also the biggest catch of the day. And the only catch of the day.

Too bad it was only a branch that broke off in the windstorm.
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Re: [DrownedDesertRat] Reasons Why I fish In reply to
I think for me more and more as life keeps speeding up and I am constantly being deluged by the hustle and bustle , noise pollution, substitution of real life adventures by virtual reality electronic substitution ( ugh ) I need the peace, quiet, and the sheer tranquility of the outdoors. Turn off the phones, the tv, put down the I pads the lap tops and such and get on with smelling the pines, listening to a softly rolling stream or the lapping of the water on the side of the boat, watching the Bald Eagle fish while I do the same and just get on with some healing of the soul provided by Mother Nature. Cathcing some fish is merely an added bonus . If I am lucky enough to catch the fish and be able to prepare him over a small campfire then I feel complete and give thanks that it is still able to be done .