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Excellent day at Mantua

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Excellent day at Mantua
I went up to Mantua yesterday getting there about 8 to a clear day with almost no wind to start. I put in my kayak on the south east corner and fished the south side for a couple of hours catching about 15 bluegills and a couple of bass, but they were getting smaller the further I went so I headed over to the east shore, where I hit pay dirt. I fished right along the edge of the trees using a worm with no weight or bubble. I would cast along the edge of the trees and pop the worm as I reeled in slowly. That keeps them from swallowing the worm and makes for an easy release. I did keep 5 bluegills and 3 bass for dinner, though I caught at least a limit that were big enough to keep including 4 or 5 females that were around 11 inches. The wind picked up around noon and I spent more time keeping out of the trees than fishing so I bailed out. I would say the size has improved over last year and I was happy to not see a single cormorant, though there were a few pelicans.
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Re: [Wormburner] Excellent day at Mantua In reply to
Thanks for the report; it sounds like you had a fun day. I've only ice fished there and have been waiting for a report like yours so I can go hit it on the soft water.

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Re: [catchinon] Excellent day at Mantua In reply to
Mantua can be a great place to take kids. But it gets quite dodgy when the power squadron hits the water. IMHO too small for ski boats. Should be "No Wake" water like Lost Creek.
If you have only fished it thru the ice, and you plan to go out in a boat, best tip I can give you: DON"T drop an anchor to stay in any one spot. It may take you and everyone else on the boat to haul that anchor back up. Anchors get balled up in the grass underwater.
I usually just pull out in the middle and shut the motor down. If it's too windy to do a slow drift, it's probably too windy to be on the water anyway. Wind funnels up thru that Sardine Canyon and can really get nasty on the water.
On the other hand, when the weather cooperates, and the perch and gill are out in the grasses, kids can have a real blast. My daughter was about 8 years old first time we put my new boat on that water (2004). She had a BLAST and has been hooked on fishin ever since.
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