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Mantua Reprot

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Mantua Reprot
I was up at mantua during the week of oct 2-7. I guess that the algae bloom had some effect on the bite. We fished all over the lake.

We ended up kind of out in the middle on the side, throwing chatters, and cranks, trying to keep them above the grass or weed stuff. We only ended up catching two bass each day. Not the most productive trips.

I thought that the bass are a little more active during the fall then in the heat of the summer.
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Re: [14gills] Mantua Reprot In reply to
Actually, bass are most active during the heat of the summer when their metabolism is highest. But, they are more catchable when you can locate them and the desired water temps where they are "most comfortable". During summer that may be weather, depth, time of day, dependent, etc.

Fall tends to concentrate them in some lakes so the concentration of fish makes it appear they are more active. The same is true for spring.

Lakes that are large bowls can be tough, but lakes with drop offs, channels, distinct edges, etc., can be best at concentrating fish in the fall. Because of this, some lakes are better in the fall then others.

I have attached a 'structure lesson' from an old fishing article, I believe from "In Fishermen". I wish that you could find a like that had all of these features, but it ain't going to happen. LOL

Take a look at the attachment and then review what you know about Mantua. See if this information will help.
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Re: [Anglinarcher] Mantua Reprot In reply to

Thanks for the info and the picture. That is very informative. I think that my time may be wasted if i spend my time at mantua this fall. I could be wrong but according to this picture Mantua does not have much of anything on that picture.